Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yahoo Voices is Closing So I Need To Fix My Links

Uh oh! Many of my blog posts here link to articles I've written for Yahoo Voices, previously known as Associated Content. Since that site is closing down at the end of the month, my links will become useless and I'll need to republish the articles elsewhere and adjust the URLs listed here accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience of having dead links as I sort through all the details. Hopefully, the posts will be seamlessly accurate by the end of August. Thanks for your patience!    

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scrapbooking Merchandise for Sale :)

I've made digital scrapbooking kits for years now, but I've actually never tried to sell them directly online so I might give it a go on eBay. If you're interested, you can find stuff like this on my ElizabethValentine10 eBay page or, depending how I decide to title it, you may find the kits by searching something along the lines of "Digital Scrapbooking Kits" or "Digital Photo Mania from Elizabeth Valentine."  

My first kit will include 48 papers that are 12x12 inches each with a 300 pixels-per-inch resolution. The kit will feature six colors--tan, blue, purple, red, green and grey--and then eight designs within each color--dots, flowers, galaxy stripes, grunge border, quilted pattern, stripes, swirls and tracks. The digital scrapbooking kit will also feature a matching ribbon with stitching detail in each color.       

I think I'm going to offer the kits for personal or small-business commercial use with the request that customers who buy my kits use the elements in handicraft-like projects rather than try to resell my digital files. If you check by the store and a product isn't currently being listed, just contact me and I can list another item. Hopefully you'll think of the kits as being very affordable as I plan to sell them for cheap. Thanks so much! :)   

Friday, October 9, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Cards

DIY Romantic and Elegant Christmas Cards: Make it Easy with Free Digital Scrapbooking Pages -- "Making your own beautiful and romantic Christmas cards has never been easier--or this cheap! Using your computer and cute, free digital scrapbooking supplies, you can easily create stunning, personalized results and only pay when you go to print."

DIY Western Christmas Cards: Homemade for the Holidays -- "Making your own cards at Christmas time can be fun for everyone. Even if they don't turn out to be the most amazing cards ever, the crafting process can still be fun and cost-effective. Here are a few tips for DIY cards with the example theme of Western."

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Love to See the Temple

Well this looks funny, but I can't even put my finger on as to what in particular it is that makes it humorous. :)

Details: The frame and picture of the Provo Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are from edited photographs. The background scrapbook paper was made in GIMP. And the two free fonts used are Scriptina and Adorable.